This is the 2018 race info, including opening times, locations and other particulars.
BSI reserves the right to change the route, program, and date of the event.

Date & location

Date: 24 March, 2018

Start: around 9.40 from Badacsonytomaj
Finish: Balatonfüred


The length of MarathonFüred is 42.195 km.

Race center & bib pick-up

Race center:

The race center will open on March 24th (Saturday) from 7:45 till 9:25 at Badacsonytomaj beach.

Bib pick-up:

In the race center on March 24th in the morning.

How to wear your bib:

The BIB number must be worn on the front without being folded at all times.

At request “FIRST MARATHON” bibs are provided and can be worn on the back.

Changing rooms, cloakrooms, toilets

Changing room:

Facilities will be provided at start and finish areas in nearby tents.


Runners will be able to drop off their baggage at the start area and these will be transported to the finish area. Bag drop-off: till 09:30


Portable toilets will be positioned at the start and finish area and at the refreshment stations.

Refreshment stations

Refreshment stations will be set up at the start and finish areas, and at the relay exchange zones of the relay races. Additionally, each leg includes one or two stations, depending on length. As a result there will be around 9 refreshment stations throughout the course. Check out the race map to see the exact locations.

Refreshers include water, sport drinks, banana, glucose tablets, magnesium, calcium, tissues, toilet paper, and plasters.

Individual refreshments can be sent to any station.

Personalize your finisher medal

Erembetet_altalanos_ENOrder your medal insert engraved with your name and your result!
By doing this you can skip the long queues and you don’t have to bother with cash. Buy it online and after the event we will send you the medal insert engraved with your name and time that fits neatly into the back of your finisher medal.
We will engrave your name and time on a small stick-on metal card. We will send it to your postal address and when you get it you can easily stick it onto the back of your medal and your unique medal is ready!
The medal insert can be ordered prior the race online at the website.
The price of the medal insert with shipping and handling (to a foreign address) is 6 €.


Time limit:

5 hours 55 minutes

Age limit:

By race day, individual entrants must be 18 or older (born before 23 March, 2000).


All the events will be chip timed.


The full list of results will be published online here.

Organization of the race

  • The course is marked on the cycle path around Lake Balaton and – especially on the southern shore – on (usually bicycle-friendly) roads with little traffic. When it is necessary because of the course, (at railway level crossings and when you have to cross Road 71) there will be race marshals or policemen to direct traffic. Otherwise, entrants should try to run responsibly and they have to comply with the rules of the Highway Code and pay attention to others.If you need further information about Hungarian traffic laws please talk to our staff at the race centre.
  • Runners are recommended to take their mobile phones with them on the course.

Additional information

  • Due to the nature of the course and higher risk of incidents hand-bikers are not allowed to participate in the race.
  • As the course is marked on a cycle path or bicycle-friendly roads where THERE IS some traffic, it is not recommended to wear earphones plugged into both ears for your own safety.
  • Participants are only permitted to run with someone on a bike or on roller-skates from the 1st hydration station each day. Anyone who tries to do it earlier can get a 10-minute time penalty.
  • Any commercial or promotional activity should be permitted by BSI in advance, in a manner determined by BSI.
  • BSI reserves the right to limit the number of participants and close registration at any time.
  • BSI reserves the right to change the route and the date of the event.