Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton

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Balaton is the biggest lake in Hungary, and in Central-Eastern Europe with its 590, km2 water surface. The average depth is 3-4 meters. On the South bank shallower, on the North bank deeper. The deepest point is 11,5 m close to Tihany. During the summer, due to the North-West wind, the weather is pleasant around the lake. The huge water surface reflects most of the sunbeam, and because of this on the South side of the hills on the Northern bank are great areas for vine-growing. If you would like to taste good, local wines you should go to Badacsony

The water mass of the lake is 1800 million m³, which is exchanging during every 2,2 years. This huge water mass has an equalizing effect on the climate, which means that around the lake during Summer the temperature is cooler, and during Winter is warmer than further from the lake.
The shallow water is easily warmed up by the Sun, so during summertime, the maximum temperature of the lake is 28-29 degrees.


The biggest Hungarian lake has been the subject of many different art genres. From the folk-songs through literature to fine arts. One of the most individual artists in Hungarian painting is József Egry (1883-1951). Who is best known in his native land as “the painter of Lake Balaton,”

If you would like to experience the arts inspired by the lake, you shouldn’t miss the beautiful Festetics Castle, in Keszthely, which hosts many exhibitions and classical concerts during the year.